About Tadom Base - You will never know your limit until you push yourself to them.

Located only 12 minutes from Kuala Lumpur International Airport (KLIA), Tadom Base is created as the base with toughest obstacles in Malaysia  and various extreme activities to bring the real adrenaline experience to you.

With 4 zones – green, red, blue and brown, designed not only to challenge your physical endurance and mental perseverance but also a platform to cultivate team spirit to complete all obstacles.

Blessed by the surroundings of rough natural terrains, limestone hills and crystal clear lakes, experience various extreme sports; an amazing body and mind workout which is guaranteed to be an exceptional experience. Not to be missed, the over 300 meters long Double Zip Line – an adrenaline pumping challenge for those who looks to defy gravity.

Complete them all in a day, try different zones each time, challenge your last best score, come with friends, come make new friends – the option is yours.

It is just another step.